Dental Answering Service

Customer experience is an important element of good dentistry. Patients prefer dentists who are available 24/7 and can be reached in emergency situations. There are other subtle factors that can influence the brand and reputation of your dental clinic/dentistry practice. A lot depends on the first-experience that starts with the appointment scheduling. Patients are naturally turned off when they find automated calls and answering machines in times of need.

Dental answering service is the light at the end of the tunnel and it can help your dentistry brand find new heights. Close the gaps between office hours and 24/7 availability, by opting for an around-the-clock healthcare answering service. Most dental answering services also provide additional features like call overflow services, message dispatch, and appointment reminders. Hiring the right dental answering service can not only reduce labor costs and save office space but also gives you a reputation boost.

At MedContact, we have a special unit for our dental appointment scheduling operations. We have vetted professionals on board who can handle a high volume of incoming calls while maintaining world-class standards. Our entire service platform is HIPAA compliant and equipped with the latest security measures. With MedContact, you can finally concentrate on your patients while we take care of your brand in the market. Simply forward your calls to us and get up-to-the-minute information on all your appointments.

Some premium medical answering services also provide personalized services to make sure that every call carries the weight of your brand and reputation in the market. With a HIPAA compliant doctor answering service, all your sensitive patient information will be securely stored in encrypted networks.

Physician answering services have numerous benefits for your medical practice. Outsourcing appointment scheduling processes not only saves money but also increases the productivity of your medical establishment. We offer flexible pricing where you only pay for the number of minutes your patients are served. This drastically reduces the operating costs of your business.

Doctors answering services also provides call overflow services to make sure that your patients never find hear a busy signal and can always reach you in case of emergency. Operators are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which naturally increases the volume of business. If your clinic or hospital is getting chaotic with too many phone calls, then try out a 24×7 doctors answering service and experience the benefits yourself.

Customized Answering Service for Dental Clinics & Dentists

What Can MedContact Do for You?

MedContact specializes in customized, HIPAA compliant, physician answering services. We offer a wide range of features to suit your practice’s needs. You can route your phone calls selectively to us, and even designate special hours to forward your call to our medical answering service. We are operational 24/7 to handle all emergency phone calls.

Our organization is a symbiosis between people and technology. We invest in cutting-edge technology to smoothen our every process and provide regular training sessions to give your patients nothing but the best. We also provide our doctors with an innovative appointment management portal that keeps all your appointments well organized and updated in real time.

  • HIPAA Compliant Data Security Networks
  • Appointment Scheduling and Real-Time Updates
  • Personalized Greetings and Brand Promotion
  • Emergency Hotlines and Call Dispatch Services
  • Competitive Plans with Flexible Pricing
  • Secure Portal Access
  • 24×7 Uninterrupted Services
  • Managerial Support and Regular Feedback
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure for Seamless Operation

24/7 Customer Support for Physician Offices

At MedContact, we understand the importance of every single phone call. Hence, time is not an impediment for our operations. We provide 24×7 doctor answering services so that your patients can reach you in their times of need. We also provide emergency hotlines and quick message dispatch services.

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment process can be a tiresome headache for your front office. Let the communication experts handle all your appointment scheduling and experience a smoother workflow back at your office. At MedContact, we provide peerless appointment bookings, complemented by real-time updates through our appointment portal. We also provide appointment reminders to increase patient visits.

Emergency Support Hotlines

MedContact always has a special team ready to handle emergency calls. We follow standard procedures to record the circumstances and quickly send a dispatch to you/your staff to take over. Urgent calls can also be forwarded directly to your personal number. Our emergency hotlines are active 24×7 and are managed by our most experienced staff. We can also arrange to make your emergency hotline number toll-free to remove the last barriers to emergency communication.

What Are the Benefits of
Using MedContact?

Choosing MedContact as your doctor answering service partner comes with numerous benefits. Firstly, we provide uninterrupted services to make sure that you don’t lose a single phone call.

Secondly, all of our services have a unique human touch and we greet your patients with proper etiquette. We also train our staff for specific client requirements.

We are comfortable with all forms of medical establishments like hospitals, private practice, hospices, pharmacies, patient advocates, medical equipment companies, therapists, etc.

Reduced Operational Cost

Our service provides you with extremely flexible plans that charge you for an exact number of minutes. Our monthly plans are much cheaper than hiring a full-time assistant for your front office. We charge no additional fees.

Increases Efficiency

The goal of MedContact is to increase your productivity. With round the clock service, appointment reminders, and no call overflow, you are bound to receive more patients. MedContact not only streamlines a chunk of your front-desk work but also makes sure to improve your reputation in the industry.

24/7 Customer Support for Physician Offices

Through MedContact’s 24/7 uninterrupted doctor answering service, your patients can experience round the clock availability. We provide excellent call overflow services so that multiple patients can find your phone lines active, even during peak business hours. No call will go unanswered with MedContact at the other end of the line.

Appointment Scheduling

Our appointment scheduling is undertaken by vetted professionals who are regularly trained in the art of communication and proper conversation etiquette. We also provide a stress-free work environment for our employees to make sure that your patients find someone energetic and supportive at all times. We will keep your appointment schedule updated to the last minute through our custom-made appointment-management software.

Emergency Support Hotlines

MedContact is always ready with an emergency workforce that works day-and-night to connect you with your patients immediately. We also train our staff for any special protocol that you may instruct us. Our emergency lines are always available and can be made toll-free on your request.