About MedContact
Trusted Medical Answering Services

Modern medical practices require professional assistance managing phone calls from patients. There has been a boom in the medical answering service industry but not all companies have the expertise to facilitate your sensitive workflow. Many companies have also set a bad reputation for medical establishments, often accompanied by exorbitant service charges.

At MedContact, we set our high standards in stone and offer the highest quality medical answering services. Apart from being fully HIPAA compliant, we conduct regular checks to make sure that every call we receive improves your reputation in the market and contributes to your practice’s goodwill. We understand the subtle nuances of the industry and make sure to have a human touch in each and every call we answer.

We make sure our employees are not only well-trained but also work in a stress-free environment, to meet the highest standards of service. We also invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure so as to ensure seamless operations, 24×7. Our network and data-storage facility are backed by a HIPAA compliant brand that offers world-class security.

How MedContact is Different

  • Modern infrastructure with advanced features
  • Personalized greetings and brand promotion
  • Regular training session and internal auditing
  • Professional behavior with managerial support
  • Flexible plans at affordable price-tags
  • Superior analytics and long-term data storage facility